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December 2007 Patient: Buddy

"Buddy" is a 2 year old, male, hound mix that managed to escape from his house one night. He also managed to get in the way of a fast moving vehicle and was lucky to be presented on emergency to Midway that evening.

Fortunately he was in pretty good shape but had a swelling of the right leg and a non-weight bearing lameness of that limb. Radiographs revealed a badly fractured humerus.

The problems with Buddys injury were several. The bone was broken in several places meaning each fragment would have to be put back together individually. There was not very much bone on the end which would make placement of most modern orthopedic devices impossible.

Dr. Nayfield examined the films and decided to try an older technology using pins, wires and an external fixator device to repair the leg. Buddy was taken to surgery. Placement of the pins for the external fixator allowed better reduction of the fracture. Wires were placed to hold the fragments together. A thick pin was placed down the marrow cavity of the bone to further support the repair.

"Buddy" presented for a recheck two weeks following surgery. He was using the leg well but walking with a moderate lameness. At this time it looks like he will go on to a full recovery due to some "old-fashioned" technology.

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