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March 2007 Patient: Heidi

Heidi is a 6 year old, female, spayed mixed breed dog that was hit by a car in December. Dr. Robin Dearden treated her for her injuries and made her stable and kept her out of pain. Dr. Dearden took X-rays of Heidi's jaw that revealed a severe fracture. Dr. K.C. Nayfield agreed to try to fix Heidi using positive profile pins placed into the jaw and hooked together using dental acrylic.

During the surgery he found out that his normal drain material was too short to be used as a splint mold. Looking around the hospital the only tubing the right size was Dr. John Peterlin's special vacuum tubing that attaches to the laser hand piece. In the interest of the patient Dr. Nayfield used Dr. Peterlin's tubing as the mold for attaching the pins together. Heidi went through a normal recovery. Her bones healed well and the splint was removed the end of February.

Heidi seems happy to no longer be sporting Dr. Peterlin's tubes.

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