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May 2007

The Johnson family did something few people find the time to do or care enough to do. While Rene was driving her son Ryan to school they saw a stray Dalmatian dog just get hit by a car and was not using the back leg. Ryan demanded that mom pull over.  They called Animal Services and stayed with the dog until Officer Dora Thorne came and was able to catch the puppy. She transported the dog to Midway.

Dr. Acosta examined the animal and found it to be a neutered male about 2 years old. She took radiographs and diagnosed a broken femur. Mr. Marty Johnson agreed to pay for the orthopedic surgery if the cost could be kept down.

Dr. Nayfield agreed to fix the leg using an old style bone plate that the hospital would donate. The stray went through surgery well and within 4 days was walking on the leg without a limp. The Johnson's grew to love the dog so much that they were very happy to adopt him through Animal Services. Dr. Nayfield was very happy to see that the 30 year old technology still works just fine!!!!!

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