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April 2007 Patient: Meagan

Meagan is a two year old mixed breed female that was dropped off to the Humane Society last month with a litter of puppies still nursing on her. She was a wonderful mom and took excellent care of her puppies. After the puppies were weaned, "Meagan's" foster parents noticed her limping on her right rear leg and that the leg was deformed.

Radiographs revealed an old femoral fracture that was trying to heal on its own. The broken bone seemed to be several months old and had calcium deposits or callus unsuccessfully trying to connect the ends of the pieces. Ms. Pat Rupp asked Dr. Nayfield to try and repair the leg.

Under general anesthesia the leg was found to be unstable. Dr. Nayfield took Meagan to surgery and opened the leg. Using a power saw he was able to �re-break� the bone and trim back the callus. He then removed an inch of the length of the bone to allow the ends to come together. He placed a bone plate on the surface of the bone to reposition the pieces.

Ten days following the surgery, Meagan is using the leg normally. There appears to be very minimal deformity. She is a very sweet, wonderful and lucky dog!!

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