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TPLO vs. Extracapsular Knee Repair

An Example of a TPLO Repaired Knee versus an Extracapsular Repaired Knee in a Large Breed Dog.

About 3 years ago a client presented a very large, about 4 year old, Great Dane type dog that had torn both of its anterior cruciate ligaments. We repaired one knee with the TPLO procedure. The other knee was repaired at around the same time by another veterinarian using the extracapsular technique.

These radiographs were taken roughly 3 years following the surgeries. The TPLO knee has far less arthritic changes as seen by the decrease in rough bone or osteophyte  formation around the joint as well as less joint effusion or “water on the knee.”  The dog has now a grade 2/5 lameness in the extracapsular repaired knee.

Although this is just one case and there are many other possible factors that might contribute to these results, we feel the TPLO procedure is far superior to the extracapsular technique in large breed dogs as a general rule.

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