Mission Statement:
To provide quality referral orthopedic and soft tissue surgical services to patients at a reasonable cost to clients in Citrus County Florida and surrounding counties, as well as an alternative referral site for their veterinarians.

The Traveling Surgeon

The Traveling Surgeon           

Recently myself, Marybeth, Carrie and Melissa returned from demonstrating the TPLO procedure to veterinarians on the island of Aruba. We packaged all of our orthopedic equipment and flew a commercial flight down.

The owner of the animal with the injured leg met us at the airport and provided transportation and a place to stay for a couple days. We performed surgery at the animal hospital of a local veterinarian and were able to discuss the procedure as well as actually show how one is done.

The surgery went very well. The local veterinarian provided a technician and did the anesthesia. He also arranged for a nitrogen tank to run our power saw.

Based on the success of our trip, we are interested in pursuing the possibilities of doing other such projects. We would be willing to discuss details with any persons wishing to make similar arrangements. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.